Worship Schedule


5:00 PM - Great Vespers 


9:00 AM - Holy Confession
9:30 AM - Matins
9:30 AM - Divine Liturgy

Upcoming Services

Check the Calendar for dates and times of special services. 

Concerning Our Worship

St. Anthony's members describe our community as a family of worship. We feel it is important for our parishioners to take part in the fullness of the Orthodox liturgical experience. This experience includes celebrating the various special services of the liturgical calendar (Feast Days, Holy Week, etc.), and regularly holding services of the daily cycle (Great Vespers, Matins).

In particular, we encourage the full participation of our parishioners in the Divine Liturgy through special liturgical ministries, congregational singing and most importantly, more frequent participation in the sacraments (Confession, Holy Communion). Participation in the Holy Eucharist is the foundation of our spiritual life and growth in keeping with Holy Tradition and the example set by the the venerable Saints Cyril and Methodius.

St. Anthony's communicates the Liturgy and Scriptures to our parishioners in the common vernacular understood by all members. We believe it is precisely that incorporation of both Ukrainian and English into Parish life that has given rise to our diverse and growing membership. Since inspiration for reflection on the Gospel readings is stressed every Sunday, it is important that everyone be able to understand the knowledge that is being imparted to them. This makes it simpler to relate to what we hear so we can try to implement the teachings into our everyday lives. Our regular Sunday Divine Liturgy is approximately 65% English and on the second, fourth and fifth Sundays of every month, we worship in English only.

A Note to our Visitors

We welcome you to worship with us. When you arrive, please introduce yourself to our Greeters who will welcome you at the door. We ask that you sign our guest register. Our Greeters will introduce you to companions who will assist you through our Liturgy using our parish's unique service books. We will invite you to join us downstairs for a complimentary coffee and light lunch following the Liturgy. We will also take this opportunity to introduce you to Father Timothy and Dobr. Julie.

Since we understand Holy Communion as the most important mark of membership in the Church and as a sign of our unity of faith, only Orthodox Christians (formally received as members of the Church i.e., by Baptism and/or Chrismation) and who have prepared themselves through prayer, fasting and confession or absolution, are permitted to participate in Holy Communion. All present, however, are welcome to partake of the blessed bread, which is distributed by our members. If you wish to receive Holy Communion at St. Anthony's, please speak with Fr. Timothy or our parish greeters prior to the service.